Amber Heard in Depp's THE RUM DIARY!

Yes! THE RUM DIARY is definitely Johnny Depp's next movie, he shall once again play Hunter S. Thompson on the big screen. Well more accurately, he plays Paul Kemp the younger alter-ego of Thompson. The Hollywood Reporter carry the news that the incredibly beautiful Amber Heard will play opposite him as the love interest Chenault, the free-spirited girlfriend of a fellow journalist who cheats on him with Kemp and trys to convince him to run away with her. She has nabbed the role that was being coveted for A-listers Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johnasson, the latter possibly turned it down because of the nudity involved in the film. But that hasn't put off Heard who we've already seen topless in the trailer for the Brett Easton Ellis adaptation THE INFORMERS and who it's said only has one scene in the movie where she is actually wearing clothes. You may remember her name because only two days ago I reported she was to star in John Carpenter's new horror movie THE WARD (The Hollywood Reporter call it WARD 19). She was also Seth Rogen's love interest in THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and led ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE. Her casting (Heard is 22) shows how young Depp (45) is going to need to look to make this movie work as Kemp was 22-23 at this stage of his life. Sanderson, the other male role in this love triangle has yet to be cast. Production begins March 30th in Puerto Rico.

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