Angel Has Fallen Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs


4. The Totally Predictable Plot


If you're going into this movie hoping to be surprised by a fleet-footed narrative, prepare to be bitterly disappointed.

But given that the two prior films delivered nothing beyond the basic, straight-forward narrative goods, why would you expect anything more here?

To that end, Angel's plot is easily understood for the masses and doesn't mire itself down in excess complications, though it's also ultimately predictable to a fault.

This is especially the case where the film's big, neon-signposted plot twist is concerned, which will surprise roughly no-one, given how comically telegraphed it is by both the screenplay and Ric Roman Waugh's suggestive direction.

Granted, for those who treat these films as trashy fun to watch with a six-pack of beers - or your own beverage of choice - they'll probably get a perverse kick out of how utterly no-nonsense the script and plotting are.

Studies have proven that general audiences love to know exactly what they're getting, so in that stead, it should go down gangbusters with the popcorn-munching Saturday night crowds.


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