Annette Bening & Morgan Fremann Will Star in Rob Reiner's THE THIRD ACT

Annette Bening has signed on to star in Rob Reiner's next picture The Third Act following on from her sublime, Oscar nominated performance in The Kids Are All Right. Joining her in what we are guessing will be a rom-com/dramedy will be the ever popular Morgan Freeman and we can probably assume from the working title that the €œThird Act€ will investigate the final chapter of love in the lives of the film's two stars. Director Rob Reiner had the following to say when taking about the project to Showbiz 411's Leah Sydney at the AARP Dinner:
€œI€™m working on a film the title of it now is now called €œThe Third Act€-it looks like we€™ll have Morgan Freeman and Annette Bening in it together. I don€™t want to tell you more about it because we haven€™t even started shooting yet. You€™re the only person I€™ve told. It hasn€™t been announced. I€™m directing €“producing and doing some rewriting from an original script by a fellow named Guy Thomas.€
Despite the sparse details currently surrounding the film's plot, we can still excitedly look forward to the prospect of Bening and Freeman sharing screen time together and I have no doubt they will exhibit great chemistry. Morgan Freeman has been known to phone it in at times in his late career but he nearly always raises his game when co-starring with a gifted thespians. With a co-star in the vein of Annette Bening who I've yet to see give a bad performance we could see the popular actor at his very best. Though of course we said all this when Freeman and Jack Nicholson were getting ready to star together in Reiner's last film, The Bucket List, which turned out to be an unmitigated disaster and possibly the worst film in the career's of all involved; There is certainly no doubt that director Rob Reiner could do with a critically acclaimed hit to restore some credibility to his waning career. In the 80's and early 90's everything Reiner touched, no matter what the genre, seemed to turn to cinematic gold be it; the coming of age classic Stand By Me, the rock mockumentary This is Spinal Tap, the chilling psychological horror Misery or the smart and sassy rom-com When Harry Met Sally. His recent form however has left a lot to be desired with Flipped, The Bucket List, Rumor Has It and Alex and Emma inspiring neither critics or audiences. With yet another film that appears as if it is set to take the shape of a romantic comedy one has to hope that Reiner will be able to rediscover his golden touch.
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