Another DC hero in I AM LEGEND

We've already tipped you off about the BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN billboard in I AM LEGEND. But what you probably didn't notice (and I didn't spot this in the film), is that there's another DC superhero that makes a cameo. The Times brings us the following picture:-

Looks like WB have decided to drop a little Green Lantern easter egg into the film with a poster that looks like a riff on Alex Ross' Hal Jordan. And could that be a Flash poster next to it, I can't quite tell? The thought of seeing BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, GREEN LANTERN and THE FLASH by 2009 (the year Emma Thompson carelessly unleashes a killer virus on humanity!) are pretty hilarious. Warner Bros have proven that they can't make any superhero franchise work unless pointy eared cowls are involved. Today's news leads me to believe that the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is going to get scrapped. Anyone hoping this will mean a second chance for SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL then I'd advise you not to get your hopes up. Over the weekend I heard from a Hollywood superhero scribe that another Superman movie wouldn't happen for a very long time. The studio is way too concerned with the price tag for a potential sequel and don't feel that the public accepted Superman the way that Bryan Singer presented him. I think all those rumours going around last week about Singer and Routh not coming back were probably on the money. I have always been a DC fan, Marvel never gave me the same sense of awe or wonder that the likes of Batman and Superman did. So it bothers me slightly that we probably aren't going to see any of these amazing heroes on the big screen for a while (if at all). Creative teams are involved with GREEN LANTERN and THE FLASH, however WB/DC have been trying for years to turn them into viable movie franchises and failed. With the JUSTICE LEAGUE slowly untangling and Superman proving to have feet of clay, it looks like we'll only have Batman for the foreseeable future (thank Rao for Chris Nolan!) source - the times

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