Ansel Egort In Talks For Dungeons And Dragons Movie

Can Warner Bros. release the franchise from cinematic imprisonment?

Dungeons And Dragons Movie

The upcoming Dungeons And Dragons movie from Warner Brothers has been in development for what seems like an age. However, following some casting speculation it appears that the studio may be able to finally put a leading face on their quest of redemption from the movie world's darkest crevasses.

According to Deadline, Ansel Elgort of the Divergent series has been in talks to take the lead role of Director Rob Letterman's take on the D&D franchise.

Elgort's work in Divergent series, as well as Carrie, The Fault In Our Stars and Director Edgar Wright's Baby Driver has showcased his acting chops and now it looks like he will have the opportunity to helm the franchise. David Leslie Johnson - screenwriter of Conjuring 2 fame - has penned a script for the movie, so here's hoping that it all comes together to bring the movie world a new favourite fantasy epic.


Following an extensive legal battle in regards to the rights of Dungeons And Dragons, Warner Bros. recently announced that everything was resolved and the movie was underway.

In addition to this Vin Diesel, the galaxy's favourite house plant, has also expressed interest the movie. With the right balance of CGI, practical effects and good storytelling, Dungeons And Dragons may finally be onto a winner.


But what do you think? Do you think a new Dungeons And Dragons movie can work? Leave your comments and suggestions in the comments thread below.


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