Ant-Man: 10 Potential Post-Credits Scenes

Who recruits Ant-Man for Civil War? And what about a surprise Spider-Man cameo?

With the dust having finally settled following the release of the immense Avengers: Age of Ultron, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are promptly looking to what comes next, in the introduction of Ant-Man to the mammoth comic book franchise on July 17th. Ant-Man has proven a notoriously tough nut to crack in cinematic terms (what with Edgar Wright's controversial departure last year), and on top of making audiences buy into the pint-sized superhero (a Herculean feat in of itself), Marvel will also be banking on the movie's mid and post-credits scenes hinting at greater things to come. These credits scenes have become something of an exciting tradition for Marvel fans, ranging from frivolous, throwaway gags to crucial set-ups for future films, and Ant-Man should be no different. The rumour mill has already been running rampant ahead of the movie's release about what might be revealed, and whether fans are treated to one scene or two, and whether they're comedic, dramatic or both, everyone has their own idea about what will and should show up. From the most blatant set-ups for Civil War to new superhero debuts, predictions for a couple of gag scenes and everything in-between, here are 10 potential post-credits scenes for Ant-Man...
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