Ant-Man: 17 Best Reactions To Michael Douglas Casting

Massive, tiny news and all the best reactions from Twitter.

Douglas Ant Man Both massive and tiny comic book movie news landed earlier today, as it was confirmed that 69 year old Behind The Candelabra star Michael Douglas was a late arrival at the comic book movie party, having landed the role of Hank Pym in Marvel's forthcoming Ant-Man movie. Hot off the back of winning his Golden Globe last night, Douglas was conformed to be playing the original Ant-Man, presumably confirming that Paul Rudd, who continues to be attached to the film, and hasn't been usurped as some seem to think, will not be Pym. Presumably, that means we won't see much of an origin story for Pym (unless another casting announcement sees another actor added to play Young Pym in a prologue sort of situation) and the film will at least partly concentrate on a passing of the baton from Pym to another. That has already caused some ripples among fans. Naturally, Twitter had a mini melt-down in response to the news, and we've put together the best responses.

18. The Realisation That Paul Rudd Is Playing Someone Else...

Some astute observers noticed that Douglas' casting would mean that Paul Rudd would likely be playing the later Ant-Man, reformed thief Scott Lang, though there was another suggestion...

17. And What That Means For The Marvel Universe And How The Adaptation Will Work


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