Ant-Man: 18 Easter Eggs, Cameos And References [Video]

Wait. HOW does it tie into The Incredible Hulk!? After much discussion over its troubled production (Edgar Wright left, don't you know), Ant-Man is finally upon us. Commentators may have been divided by the film through the early stages, but it's shaken off such criticisms to emerge as the funniest film the film has put out to date. It's a much smaller film than what we're used to from Marvel, and that's not even a pun about the titular hero's shrinking power. There's a nice focus on both Paul Rudd and Scott Lang, the past and future versions of Ant-Man, and their family lives, which makes for a refreshing change to the usual world-threatening antics of The Avengers. It's smart, witty and hilarious, and pretty much a must see when it hits cinemas worldwide on July 17th. And, of course, the film is chock full of Easter eggs. All those references, in-jokes and cameos have become such an intrinsic part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that you can't have an MCU film without them. It'd just be weird. And even though it's pretty standalone in nature, Ant-Man offers up some of the best, most forward-thinking ones . So strap yourself in and take a tour of the anthill that is Ant-Man's Easter eggs. Spoilers. Obviously!

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