Ant-Man 3: 10 Ways Kang The Conqueror's Introduction Will Change The MCU Forever

9. The Formation Of The Young Avengers

Ant-Man Kang The Conqueror
Marvel Comics/Jim Cheung

There have been rumblings for a while now that Ant-Man 3 will include the formation of the Young Avengers, and that now seems inevitable. Avengers: Endgame made a point of ageing up Cassie Lang (she goes by Stature when she joins the comic book version of the team), and seeing as it was her father's demise that inspired her to take over the mantle, things really are looking bleak for Scott!

Kang is actually the first villain the Young Avengers face after it's revealed that their leader, Iron Lad, is a teenage version of the villain looking to escape his fate. Ultimately, Kang arrives in the present to set things right, forcing him to return to his own timeline so that the ultimate emergence of Kang is guaranteed.

In his wake, however, the Young Avengers are created, and it seems likely things will play out in a similar fashion in the MCU. Whether Iron Lad shows up is another matter, of course, but there's bound to be some link between Kang and the team (more on that later).

Remember, Marvel Studios is in the process of introducing the likes of Wiccan, Speed, and Kate Bishop's Hawkeye elsewhere over the next two years!


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