Anthony Hopkins leads KING LEAR adaptation

Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightley to co-star in the big $35 million Shakespeare adaptation.

70 year old veteran Sir. Anthony Hopkins is to lead a new adaptation of Shakespeare's complex drama King Lear according to reporters out in Cannes. It's a role he has already played extensively on stage and is a mainstay part for most British vets with Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Laurence Oliver all dabbling into the character at the later stages of their careers. Here's a still of Hopkins as Lear on stage...

Brit Kiera Knightley (as Cordeila, youngest daughter of Lear) and American Gwyneth Paltrow (Regan, Lear's treacherous middle daughter) have also been cast in what is setup as a big name $35 million adaptation. The third and older sister has yet to be cast but I would expect a big name. It almost has to be to live up to the Knightley/Paltrow/Hopkins dichotomy. Maybe Kate Winslet? The studio, writing and directing talent behind the film are currently unknown - though the word is the movie will feature epic action sequences!


As with every Shakespeare work of fiction, the tale has been adapted many, many times on screen - more than a dozen in fact with the Laurence Oliver 1983 adaptation probably the most well known. Also, this Christmas the critically acclaimed Ian McKellen production which he has been performing in the U.K. will be screened on British television, so as the Telegraph says comparisons will be quickly made between both versions. Great cast right there... really strong actually. I love it when actors like Hopkins take on these big dramatic productions late in their careers, it's exciting to see them perform and continue to be challenged physically and emotionally by Shakespeare. Why the studio didn't go after Ian McKellen to adapt his play onto the big screen I don't know (maybe they did and he turned them down?) because from what I've heard he is truly magnificent in the production. But Hopkins is hardly a bad substitute in anyone's books. source - coming soon
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