Apatow, Black & Ramis teaming for Year One!

sgg-016529.jpgJudd Apatow will be a very happy guy this morning as his sophomore effort Knocked Up has surpassed his last movie The 40 Year Old Virgin in terms of opening weekend box office gross. Of course Apatow isn't just a talented film-maker, but he is also a powerful producer in Hollywood these days. Variety are reporting that Apatow will produce the Harold Ramis directed comedy Year One, with Jack Black and Michael Cera set to star. Ramis also wrote the feature alongside The Office writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. Nothing is known about the plot but all three of these guys have a history of making me laugh.... Apatow - The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up TRAILER (which made me laugh more than the whole running time of The Wedding Daze which I saw recently) Ramis - Groundhog Day, Caddyshack Black - His performances in High Fidelity and The School of Rock. Sorry Michael Cera, I don't really know you well enough... so who knows if your funny too? With Apatow, Ramis and Black working together, this can't possibly fail. I'm looking forward to seeing Knocked Up, but it doesn't open here for another couple of months.
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