APOLLO 18 Teaser Doc Released

Apollo 18 was already one of my most anticipated films for the coming year (see this mega-article for proof), and now the film-makers seem to want me to explode with nerdy excitement well before the March 4th release date, firstly by withholding almost all important information about the film and then by presenting an inspired, and ultra-cool viral website campaign. It started with a very simple, but effective atmospheric site, and now there are two blacked-out top secret documents hidden on the website (access them via the Remote Terminal section of the site here with the password "apollosoyuz"), the second and newest of which I've included below.

It doesn't offer much by way of explanation, but that's sort of the point. My particular favourite part is the scrawled message at the bottom right corner, presumably by the Colonel who has blocked his own name out at the top ("Norris"), who you have to think will play some part in the final film.

The film, directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego for Dimension Films is made-up of supposedly found footage, including, it seems alien sightings and some harrowing material that explains exactly why Apollo 18 was (at least in urban mythology) the last foray to the moon. I can only hope the film matches the impressive pre-release work, but as I've said with Timur Bekmambetov in the producer's seat, you have to feel confident.


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