Aquaman: 22 Easter Eggs & References Explained

Aquaman is basically Pinocchio.

Aquaman Thor Saw Jaws Pinocchio
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Aquaman is finally out in cinemas now, and critics have mostly been lending it mildly positive notices, while you can read our own assessment of the middling superhero effort here.

It's a superhero movie, so of course, Aquaman's basically obligated to be jam-packed with more sneaky Easter eggs than you can shake a stick at. After all, what better way to incentivise fans picking up the home video release a few months from now?

Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe has pretty much made an art out of cramming their superhero movies to the brim with as many sly references and hidden secrets as possible, Aquaman proves the DCEU is no slouch in this department either, firmly tipping its hat to both its comic book influences and pop-culture as a whole.

While Aquaman's script may be pretty sketchy at times, it's clear that director James Wan has a real love for the property, and wanted to pay tribute to as many of his paperback and cinematic forebears as possible...

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