Aquaman Review: 5 Ups & 5 Downs

Well, it's better than Justice League.

Aquaman Film
Warner Bros.

Aquaman is out now in cinemas across the world, and fans have been anxiously waiting to see whether or not the DCEU's latest is yet another disappointing misfire or an encouraging step in the right direction.

Somewhat surprisingly, the answer is pretty much neither.

Aquaman isn't a cynical mess of a movie like Justice League, nor is it the breath of fresh air that was Wonder Woman.

It's a down-the-line superhero origin story with some terrific moments, though it ultimately does incredibly little to differentiate itself or capitalise on its iconic hero's potential.

Reviews have mostly been broadly positive so far, with critics generally landing in the three-star region for what's at once a stylistically ambitious comic book film and a completely flat, safe superhero flick with a disappointing lack of imagination.

If you can stomach all the goofiness and some wildly messy visual effects work, Aquaman is decent, which given the current state of the DCEU is basically good enough...


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