As Pixar Turns 25 - Here's The Best Alternative Posters From Their Films

25 years ago, the world of animation changed forever, thanks to business megazord Steve Jobs' acquisition of the computer graphics division of the ailing Lucasfilm for $10 million. Who would have thought that the high-end computer hardware company would end up making obscene- but entirely justified- amounts of money from the animation demos that John Lasseter created to show off the Pixar Image Computer to potential clients!

Anyway, history's usually boring. So instead of talking about where the company came from, and how it blossomed (instead get your hands on the excellent The Pixar Story if that floats your boat), I thought it might be far more entertaining to offer a selection of the best alternative Pixar posters, some released by Pixar themselves and others made by fans out of sheer admiration of the films.

So without further ado, here goes...

Eric Tan's Genius Wall*E Alternatives

Like most of the most gifted artists in the world, Eric Tan works for Pixar. And here's why they value him so highly...

The Art Deco Up Posters

Again, they're sort of official, since Pixar released them, but it's further evidence of the company's perfection. If they're willing to go to these kind of lengths at the advertising stage, it's no surprise they can't make anything but stellar hits! Oh, and they're the handy work of that man Eric Tan once again.

Thirsty For Milk

This guy- otherwise known as Philip Joyce, who I found through his now essential-reading wordpress blog- is my new favourite online genius, and deserves millions of you to go to his site, and spend as much money as you have spare on his gorgeous alternative film posters. Seriously, this is his website, go NOW and buy something!

Hans Kleinenberg's Finding Nemo Alternate

Bloody difficult to access his site, as it just says "Soon", rather coolly. But thanks to a cached version, I managed to refind this little gem...

Metin Seven's Voxel Posters

More from Eric Tan

Couldn't ignore the genius' other additions to the Pixar alternative poster collection...

Just beautiful, the lot of them. Anymore you find, do pass them on in the links below...

Happy Birthday, Pixar!

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