Assassin's Creed: 8 More Actors We Want In The Movie

The Templars

4. Robert de Sable - Mark Strong

The leader of The Knights Templar, de Sable is a key figure in the Third Crusade playing both sides against one another as part of a sinister plan that Altair slowly uncovers. Robert is not only cunning, but also vicious in battle making for a challenging foe and an excellent antagonist for the audience to root against. When it comes to smart and vicious villains, Mark Strong is a solid choice. His performance as Frank D'Amico in Kick-Ass shows that Strong is good at playing a scheming bastard, but it's his role as Godfrey in Ridley Scott's version of Robin Hood that puts him over the top as our go to guy for playing the head of the secretive order of knights.

5. Garnier de Naplouse - Mark Margolis

A doctor in league with the Templars, Garnier is working on cruel and grisly experiments that involve reshaping the minds of his subjects in order to somehow further de Sable's plans. The only thing creepier than his cold lack of regard for his "patients" is his zealotous belief that he is serving some greater good. You might recognize Mark Margolis from his various supporting roles in the films of director Darren Aronofksy, particularly the reclusive mathematical genius Sol Robeson. In addition to having an innate air of wisdom and brilliance, Margolis is capable of displaying a fierce temper that is pitch perfect for the fanatical Garnier.

6. Sibrand - Rufus Sewell

While leading an order called The Knights Teutonic, Sibrand is also secretly a member of the Knights Templar using his position of power over the docks of Acre to stop reinforcements from arriving for King Richard. Being one of Altair's later targets for death, Sibrand has been driven to paranoia after hearing of his many co-conspirators being murdered. He deals with his underlings in a aggressive and sometimes violent manner that indicates his slowly deteriorating mental state. When trying to think of unhinged, paranoid nobility with german accents, Rufus Sewell's turn as Prince Leopold in The Illusionist springs instantly to mind. Sewell is great at playing a good guy (see his role in Dark City for proof of that), but he's even better as a villain. He can convey the right mixture of condescending arrogance and sleazy conniving that will have the audience anxiously waiting for Altair to send him to an early grave. Now it's time to take a look at the futuristic modern world that the rest of the story takes place in...

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