Audio Interview: Carla Gugino & Oscar Isaac on SUCKER PUNCH

Sucker Punch is finally released in the U.K. today and to celebrate this, we have been provided with an exclusive audio interview with actors Carla Gugino and Oscar Isaac that was conducted in L.A. a couple of weeks ago. In Sucker Punch, Carla plays a Polish doctor who attempts to break out the wrongly committed Sucker Punch girls from the mental asylum they have been imprisoned into but finds her power in the insitute limited by the all powering Blue (Oscar Isaac) who rules with an Iron Fist. How did Gugino and Isaac prepare for their roles, what was it like working under director Zack Snyder, how did they deal with the CGI heavy movie and more is answered in the 15 minute interview below... Meanwhile, Warner Bros. have posted the first 5 minutes of Sucker Punch online for our viewing pleasure... Sucker Punch is out now in the U.K.
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