Avatar 2 Will Start Shooting In April (Yes, It's Still Happening)

Did someone light a fire under James Cameron's butt or what?

Considering that Avatar 2's release date recently disappeared from its original slot of December next year, it was widely considered that the reason was James Cameron being nowhere near ready to start filming. That school of thought is about to be adjusted, as production is set to start in April in New Zealand. With the production start date firmly in place, expect a slew of casting announcements to follow. Sam Worthington is probably thanking the high heavens, considering his Hollywood career is currently circling the drain. He's been relegated to bit parts in big productions, last seen climbing the kiddie slopes of the mountain adjacent to Everest last year whilst Jason Clarke and Jake Gyllenhaal got to play on the big boy peaks. Cameron has previously been open about the fact that the sequel will either focus on or feature the oceans of Pandora, moving the environment away from the forests and towards something fans haven't seen before. Although considering it's been seven years since the first Avatar came out, it's hard to say whether audience interest will still actually, y'know, exist - be it the number one box office hit of all time or not. Avatar 2 does not currently have a new release date set, but you can expect it to be sometime in 2018. Nine years after the release of the first one.


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