Avatar: 5 Things We Want From The Upcoming Sequels

Avatar Sequels After the success of the first Avatar, I first found myself really hoping that it would remain an individual film, since I thought any attempt at sequels might ruin what made the experience so special in the first place. However, with the recent teasing announcements as to what we can expect from further installments, James Cameron has definitely got me curious and has since made it clear that he has big ideas for the future of Pandora. The ideas Cameron has hinted at are certainly intriguing and it definitely feels like - aside from doing them right - he wants to make the new movies especially for the fans. So while there have been very few confirmed rumours (that I've heard,at least) relating to the Avatar sequels, here's a short list - in no particular order, mind - of those that helped me to get excited (the title might be a bit misleading, since this list is made up of confirmed rumours as well as my own speculation as to what I'd like to see in the sequels - you get the idea, right?)...

5. Oceans Of Pandora

Avatar 2 One of the first confirmed rumours after the success of the first Avatar, Cameron has confirmed that we'll be diving below Pandora's oceans for at least part of the sequels. He's also confirmed that for these sections he'll be pioneering underwater 3D technology. Given that Avatar is probably (for me) one of the only films that really made 3D work in the cinema, I'm certainly intrigued to see how he'll make use of this technology. Cameron's history with underwater exploration and his creativity with underwater environments in things like The Abyss is also an intriguing prospect when it comes to these sections. If he can bring the same level of imagination and beauty to the world below Pandora's oceans that he did above them, I think it'll make for some pretty breathtaking scenes. I'd be concerned that maybe he'd use these underwater sections, too much, of course, but since Cameron's already confirmed that they'll be used sparingly (he's compared them to the Floating Mountains scenes in the first film) they should hopefully make an excellent addition to the existing Pandora.

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