The Avengers 3: 10 Ways Thanos Could Be Defeated

Take note Marvel heroes, this is how you get the job done.

Thano Avne The heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are in for one hell of a rough ride when the incredibly powerful Mad Titan Thanos makes his presence felt. As things stand, Thanos is lurking in the background, masterminding schemes like the Chitauri invasion of Earth and the gathering of the Infinity Stones - but he is primed to make his own assault in the coming movies. We first saw Thanos at the mid-credits interval of the Avengers movie, when he was seen with the Other, after the Chitauri invasion had failed. He let a smile slip when the Other informed him that to challenge the heroes of Earth would be "to court death" and we haven't seen him since. He is due to appear in August's Guardians of the Galaxy, when Josh Brolin takes on the role, before really making an impact in the third Avengers movie (by which time, we assume, he will have the entire Infinity Gauntlet in his possession). Thanos is powerful enough without any items of power in his possession, so wielding the Infinity Gauntlet (which will essentially make him God if the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of it is anything like the one in the comic books - which, to be honest, it probably won't be) will make him nigh unbeatable. This makes us wonder; how the hell is he going to be defeated? Well, there are a number of potential ways that he could be brought down and that's what we're going to take a look at in this article. Here are ten ways in which Thanos could be defeated in the third Avengers movie...

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