Avengers 4: EVERY Major Rumour Ranked Worst To Best

24. Magus Will Be The SECOND Villain

Marvel Magus
Marvel Comics

The Rumour

Magus - otherwise known as the villainous alter-ego of Adam Warlock - appears in the Infinity Saga comics arc when Warlock takes control of the Gauntlet and expels all good and evil from his body, unwittingly giving Magus a bodily form.

Rumours suggested he was going to appear in the film as well after a casting call apparently hinted as much.


This is an older rumour that first popped up around Infinity War, and frankly, it's probably mostly to do with the assumption that Thanos might have been defeated at the end of the first part of the movie (when it was still classed as a two-parter).

There's just not enough establishing work to bring Magus in when we haven't even seen Adam Warlock yet.

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