Avengers Age Of Ultron: 10 Outrageous Comic Moments That Won't Be Used

Not everything's movie-friendly, or even has to make sense.

Early word about next summer€™s surefire blockbuster sequel, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, indicates that the film will feature a €œdarker€ and more €œcerebral€ script than its predecessor. And with a main villain as diabolical, cold and heartless as Ultron, the potential is there for some shocking moments that are sure to leave moviegoers anxiously breathless. But there€™s €œshocking€ in a provocative way and €œshocking€ in an outrageous and bizarre way that could leave audiences confused and/or grossed out. If anyone at Marvel Studios is unsure of that distinction, they should observe the following 10 entries for guidance as to where the line between the sublime and the ridiculous is drawn. These 10 comic book moments €“ culled from both the mainstream Marvel Universe (Earth-616) and the Ultimate version €“ demonstrate some of the most most outrageous Avengers arcs (and associated solo titles) starring the heroes and villains from next summer's Age of Ultron. These storylines are chock full of disturbing violence, graphic and disgusting sexual situations, and flat-out questionable character moments that damage the integrity of some of the industry€™s most venerable heroes. Adapting any of these moments onto the big screen would be grossly unpopular with comic book fans and moviegoers and would likely cause controversy with critics and the news media. It would be a lose-lose proposition with no redeeming qualities to speak of for Marvel Studios.

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