Avengers: Endgame - Every Mystery The Russos Have Answered (So Far)

Why did it have to be Tony Stark?

Avengers Endgame
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While it was one of the best movies of all time and rightfully sits at the top of the modern box office chart, Avengers: Endgame left a lot of questions.

Obviously, there's some new information revealed courtesy of the home release of Endgame, but there's only so much the studio can cram into that release without distracting from the film itself. Instead, the duty of answering most of the pressing questions has fallen to the directors behind the stunning, hugely successful ensemble - and rather usefully, they've been particularly talkative on that front.

So while there are still some mysteries to be answered and some plot-holes that you just can't escape, we do have a broad spectrum of answers to some of the questions we all asked after Endgame ended.

15. The One Thing That Changed

Avengers Endgame The Rat
Marvel Studios

The Question

Come on now, why a rat? Well, actually a mouse, as it turns out. Sure, it was a fun little touch, but for all of the plans to undo Thanos' snap to come down to the accidental actions of a mouse was a bit of a jarring revelation. So why did they go for that?

The Answer

It wasn't really a matter of it being a mouse, it was their way of explaining exactly why Doctor Strange had to view more than 14 million realities for there to be only ONE positive outcome. Because it was all reliant on a total accident.

“Yes, the MOUSE SAVED THE UNIVERSE. Among the many realities in those 14 millions possible futures Doctor Strange foresee, the mouse failed to press button and thus the heroes failed in those futures.”

So, in other words, in only one reality Ant-Man ever escaped the Quantum Realm, which is pretty tragic when you think about it.

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