Avengers: Infinity War - 10 Characters We Know Will Make It Out Alive

Who you can expect to make it to Avengers 4.


Infinity War is shaping up to be a bloodbath. Marvel’s latest film will hit screens last month and many fans are expecting it to do what no MCU movie has done before: Embark on a culling of popular characters spanning years and galaxies in the making.

For want of a better word, Marvel have kind of bottled it when it comes to killing their big guns. Civil War hit screens two years ago and that was the film expected to change things. Captain America or Iron Man could have perished - as could Don Cheadle’s War Machine - but MCU chiefs chose not to pull the trigger.

Fast forward two years, however, and Infinity War will be different. It has already been confirmed there will be deaths - permanent ones at that - and fans and critics alike are doing their utmost to predict who will fail to make it out alive. Thor, Captain America and Iron Man are the leading contenders for that.

However, thanks to many sources, we already know who will NOT be dying this time around...


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