Avengers: Infinity War - 10 Things Marvel Don't Want You To Know

10. Thor's New Weapon

Thor Odinson With Jarnbjorn Axe
Marvel Comics

The Spoiler:

Despite losing Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok and learning that he can use his powers without it, Thor is going to be searching for a new weapon in Infinity War - an "ax-thunderbolt" - and will head to Nidavellir, the planet of the Dwarves on that quest.

That likely means he's going to get his hands on Jarnbjorn as a replacement for Mjolnir, and will meet someone capable of forging it (more of which soon).

The Evidence:

Once more, it's down to LEGO, whose Infinity War sets leaked to the web ahead of the film's release including one set called The Search For Thor's Weapon. That set's description mentions both the "ax-thunderbolt" and Nidavellir, as well as using an Infinity Stone to light the planet's forges.

Quite which stone it refers to is up for debate, but presumably the Power Stone, if the Guardians are involved. And presumably, that would have to be before Thanos gets his hands on it.

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