Avengers: Infinity War - 10 Ways Thanos Could Be Defeated

There's more than one way to beat a Mad Titan.

Thanos The Mad Titan
Marvel Comics

For the past few years we've watched Thanos' story play out over the course of several films. Through agents like Loki and Ronan, he has tried to gather the Infinity Stones for himself, only to be thwarted by Marvel's heroes.

With the release date of Avengers: Infinity War growing ever closer though, Thanos looks poised to take matters into his own hands. The Mad Titan is no slouch and, with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, he would be almost unstoppable. It's going to take something pretty special to save the day.

Now, details on Infinity War are pretty sparse at the moment and all we really know about it is that it will see every Marvel hero and their mother teaming up to fight Thanos. However, who needs facts when you have rampant speculation?

There are a number of potential ways that Thanos could be beaten, involving plans that take inspiration from the comics and ideas already hinted at in the movies.

Admittedly, some are more plausible than others (and one might not be a super-serious suggestion), but at this stage it's just fun to speculate and see what kind of crazy ideas we can come up with.

10. Thane Freezes Him

Thanos The Mad Titan

Recent set photos for Infinity War seem to suggest that Thanos' right-hand man and leader of the Black Order Corvus Glaive could be making an appearance. Corvus made his first comic appearance during 2013's Infinity crossover and, if Marvel are willing to borrow from that story, it stands to reason that they might copy Thanos' defeat too.

Infinity also introduced Thane. He was a young man who worked as a healer in a remote Inhuman village. However, it turned out he was also secretly Thanos' son and, after being exposed to the terrigen mists, he used his new powers to trap his father in stasis.

Adapting this for Infinity War could make for an interesting plot as Earth's heroes race against the Black Order to find the one being capable of stopping Thanos. Thane's Inhuman roots would also finally allow Marvel to give that group a strong tie to the MCU.

It could also set up the film's currently untitled sequel. Like in the comics, Thane could become corrupted by his powers and turn to villainy, maybe even taking the Infinity Gauntlet for himself as a final cliffhanger in Infinity War. Then the sequel could be about the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy trying to stop the villain they helped create.


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