Avengers: Infinity War - 13 Biggest Questions It Leaves Behind

13. Where Are The Other Asgardians?

thor ragnarok Korg

The movie makes a big statement about its tone right from the off, with an opening sequence that picks up from Thor: Ragnarok's post-credits scene. Thanos and his 'children' have destroyed the Asgardian ship and, while we see what happens to Thor, Loki, and Heimdall, a few fates are left up in the air.

Despite being prominent parts of Ragnarok, there's no room for appearances from Valkyrie, Korg, or Miek here, which is something of a shame (especially given the comedic goldmine that is Korg) but also understandable.

It's difficult to imagine them being killed off-screen, so where have they gone to? Have they found safety, and where/when will they appear again? Or is Miek really dead this time?


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