Avengers: Infinity War - 35 Easter Eggs & References Explained

34. The "We Have A Hulk" Call-Back

We Have A Hulk
Marvel Studios

The opening sequence is set on the Asgardian refugee ship that we saw at the end of Thor: Ragnarok ferrying the God Of Thunder and his surviving people to a new settlement on Earth before Thanos' ship appeared. Though we don't see the invasion, it's clear that something big went down as the Asgardians all lie seemingly dead as confirmed by the trailers.

Loki ends up surrendering the Tesseract to Thanos (mostly by coercion), but not before making a stand against him, borrowing Tony Stark's "we have a Hulk" line from The Avengers as Banner transforms and attacks Thanos from behind.

Loki's untimely fate is also met by Thanos' line "no resurrections THIS TIME", calling back to Loki's death fake-out in The Dark World. Quite how Thanos is aware of that happening remains to be seen.


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