Avengers: Infinity War - 35 Easter Eggs & References Explained

32. Morgan Stark

Pepper Potts Morgan Stark
Marvel Studios

After Hulk is sent to Earth to warn of Thanos' impending arrival and tells Doctor Strange of the danger, Strange visits Tony Stark to pass on the warning and recruit Iron Man to help defend Earth and the Time Stone. He interrupts Stark telling Pepper Potts about a dream he had in which the couple had a baby, which was so vivid that he thought it meant she must genuinely be pregnant.

They then discuss having children and Tony mentions that they'd have a son named after Pepper's uncle Morgan. That name is taken from the comics, as Morgan Stark was the cousin of Tony Stark who believed that Howard Stark cheated his father Edward Stark out of the Stark company fortune and tried to steal the company from Tony.

Not the best role model to be named after to be honest.


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