Avengers: Infinity War - 35 Easter Eggs & References Explained

30. The Ben & Jerry's Joke

Tony Stark Ben Jerrys
Marvel Studios

As a reflection of just how famous the Avengers have become - even despite the Sokovian Accords and public anxiety about unregulated and unaccountable superhero behaviour, it's mentioned that Tony Stark has a Ben & Jerry's flavour named in his honour. It's called Stark Raving Hazelnuts as a nod to his volatility - which actually foreshadows his passionate pursuit of Thanos.

Wong also mentions that there's another Avengers flavour: Hulk-A-Hulk-A-Burning-Fudge.

The ice cream giants are not the only company to get some valuable product placement either: when we first get to Wakanda, Okoye mentions that she had expected them opening their country up to the rest of the world might just lead to them hosting the Olympics or maybe even getting their own Starbucks.


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