Avengers: Infinity War - Bradley Cooper's Happy Thanos Won

Rocket Raccoon actor says part of him enjoyed seeing Thanos' success

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One of the best things about Avengers: Infinity War is how it messes with your moral compass by making Thanos a slightly relatable character with some sympathetic ideas. It's the old Sympathy For The Devil gambit and it was enough to have fans proclaiming his agenda to wipe out half of existence "right."

Now, the Russos have said that Thanos is still a megalomaniac with a messiah complex who is driven to kill half of everything because of his ego as much as any desire to save the universe, but that hasn't stopped the sympathy. Even some of the film's actual cast have expressed some support for the Mad Titan, including Bradley Cooper who lends his voice to survivor Rocket Raccoon.

The star is currently publicising the release of his devastating directorial debut A Star Is Born (man likes to leave a mark with his endings, it seems) and spoke on BBC Radio 1 about Infinity War (inevitably) and how he felt about Thanos' snap

“Yeah. It was amazing. That’s why that movie works. Thanos is… What a character. The fact that he made you, kind of, go like ‘He’s got a point, right? He’s got a point.’ And part of me is like ‘I’m glad he’s sitting there on his chair, with the sun coming down.’ I mean, I hate that half of the world’s dead, but there’s a part of me that’s like, ‘He succeeded!’ I don’t know what that says about me.”

It says you're a bad raccoon, Brad. That's what it says.

He definitely has a point about saving the universe, given the depleted resources (and in a way, the Avengers have a tough ask to convince everyone that dooming the universe to a slow death is the right thing in Avengers 4), but there are better ways to achieve your goals than mass murder. Or you'd like to think so, anyway.


Cooper will revive his role as Rocket in Avengers 4 before presumably returning for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3, which has been notably absent from his press tours apart from his denial that he wants to direct it, just as it was for Dave Bautista's Final Score publicity tour. Funny that.


What do you think of Thanos' actions?

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