Avengers: Infinity War - Every Missing Character (And Where They Are)

Bring back Hawkeye, damnit!

Missing Avengers
Marvel Studios

One of the leading marketing points for Avengers: Infinity War right at the start of the pre-production journey was the prospect of us all seeing a vast number of MCU characters on screen at once. Actual numbers were thrown around - including the now fabled 76 character figure that was apparently "official". So imagine all of our surprise when the Russos didn't jam-pack absolutely everyone who COULD have been involved into the ensemble...

In all honesty, not having every Avenger, supporting character and Guardian of the Galaxy in the film wasn't the worst move, as it allowed for more focus on other characters. But that doesn't mean we weren't all sat wondering where the others were, given the immediate threat to Earth and their friends.

Luckily, it's pretty easy to work out where most of them were and whether we'll see them again (and how they'll come into the action)...

20. Hank Pym

Ant Man And The Wasp Hank Pym
Marvel Studios

Last Seen:

Tutting loudly at Scott Lang and his daughter kissing just after they'd taken down Darren Cross and prevented the Ant-Man technology from falling into the hands of some VERY nefarious dudes.

Will He Be Back?

He will. He's involved in Ant-Man & The Wasp, obviously, in which he'll be leading the rescue mission for his wife in the Quantum Realm. And not only that, he'll allegedly also be back for Avengers 4, as Sebastian Stan confirmed he shared a scene with the acting legend (as well as EVERY other actor in the film, apparently).

Expect his technology to help undo Thanos' snap.

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