Avengers Most Overrated Movie Of 2012: Here Are 4 More Deserving Movies


The Avengers was recently voted the most overrated movie of 2012. The vote, which was conducted online by The LA Times saw Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble receive a whopping 85% of the vote. This will surely come as a shock to Disney: the film was greatly enjoyed by cinema-goers and was hugely successful. It broke nearly every record along the way and was only one of three movies last year to gross $1 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Ridley Scott's special effects extravaganza Prometheus was awarded second place followed by Brave in third. While The Avengers was weak in terms of story, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable summer blockbuster that ticked all the right boxes. It will be interesting to see what marvel fans think, especially since Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises didn't even crack the top 10. Here are 4 movies that could challenge The Avengers for being the most overrated movie of 2012.

4. Taken 2


We get it, Liam Neeson is an absolute bad-ass. My fellow Irishman has seen his career go from strength to strength in the last few years with Neeson emerging as a seriously bankable action star. And as much as it pains me to add this movie - for which he's the main star, Taken 2 is a complete waste of time. The original Taken was an excellent story of revenge with some great set pieces and plenty of violence. It was tense and atmospheric, yet exciting and fun. It should have been a one off movie, in fact that's what made it so enjoyable. You cared about the characters. The film went on to gross $225 million dollars worldwide. Not a bad return on its $25 million budget. Of course a sequel was inevitable, it's just a pity then that Taken 2 is terrible. Neeson must have been laughing all the way to the bank as the movie is nothing but a carbon copy of the original offering nothing new or exciting. But with a worldwide gross of $285 million, something tells me Neeson will be back to complete the trilogy. Maybe the family pet will be taken?

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