Avengers Or Harry Potter Quiz: Who Said It - Thanos Or Lord Voldemort?

Which iconic vllain said it - The Mad Titan Thanos or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

Thanos Voldemort Quiz

With Marvel Cinematic Universe taking the world by storm and Harry Potter owning a never-dying fan base, one question remains - which villain is the best - Thanos or Voldemort? Each completely equipped with their own powers, their own evil backstories, their own armies, and their own motives… but who was really the ultimate bad guy?

Both are brutal terminators and have their unique ultimate weapons. Voldemort has Avada Kedavra, and well Thanos could just snap his fingers, and everything will cease to exist, but eventually, both of them meet their makers, fading into dust.

What remains is their dark character arcs and murky stories, leading fans on an ominous journey filled with exemplary movie moments and further cementing this are their iconic quotes. And we can do nothing but admire these unique archetype villains and their sayings, which will ironically never fade.

In a way, the two legendary characters resemble a lot of similarities in their saying and whatever their motives may be, there's no doubt between the two of them, they managed to deliver some of the most quotable lines in cinematic history. So, let's question our fandom with this Thanos and Voldemort quiz. Can you figure out which of these two iconic villains said these quotes? Was it the Mad Titan Thanos or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

1. "You Have Fought Valiantly, But In Vain."


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