Aw No Man

The first poster anywhere for Ricky Gervais' next big screen comedy (but his first as a writer/actor/director) has premiered in The Sun, leaving me with the same gut reaction that I had with the promotion of Ghost Town. It looks like fluffly watered down crap that I won't like. Am I forever destined to hate any trailers/posters for anything this man does, then subsequently fall unashamedly in love with the work he has produced when I see it in full, where inevitably it then becomes one of my favs and most watched of the year? Probably. It's just the way it works with Gervais. His genius is difficult to promote. I take solace in the fact that I loved the script when I read it a while back and when it was called the much more enticing This Side of the Truth. I think Gervais couldn't have cast the movie better with career-defining roles for Jennifer Garner, and Rob Lowe. They are pitch perfect. If you were to read the script and cast the movie yourself, you would pick those two. I'm sure he wrote the parts for them both. Also he has a cool, and mostly original premise. Just the poster reminds me of awful things. Things I don't need to be reminded of... yesman-teaser-poster-full

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