Baby Driver Film Theory: Debora Is Secretly A VILLAIN

Debora isn't who she seems.

Baby Driver Debora Lily James

Baby Driver was one of the most purely entertaining films of 2017, and though Edgar Wright's action flick might seem like a pretty surface-level affair at the end of the day, anyone who's seen a Wright movie knows that there's always more to it than that.

Case in point, Baby Driver has invited a devastatingly convincing fan theory, brought to the table by Redditor S0nicorn from the terrific /r/fantheories sub.

The theory suggests that Baby's (Ansel Elgort) girlfriend Debora (Lily James) isn't simply the cute waitress love interest we think she is - she's got a massive secret central to the movie's real plot.

As it turns out, Deb is in fact working for Baby's crime lord boss Doc (Kevin Spacey) the entire time, and is part of his plan to keep Baby gainfully employed rather than riding into the sunset.

By breaking down the movie's plot scene-by-scene, it becomes clear that something isn't quite right with Deb, and it feels like Wright is subtly trying to tell the audience that there's more to her.

Naturally, Wright hasn't chimed in on the theory himself - and, honestly, that doesn't matter - but like the very best fan theories, it slots effortlessly into the film's internal story and character logic.

Whether you agree with the theory or not, there aren't any major leaps the viewer has to make for it to be plausible. Until Wright releases the planned sequel, at least.

And so, we begin with a deep dive into Deb's eyebrow-raising actions throughout the film...


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