Back To The Future & Jurassic World Escape Rooms Coming To Universal Orlando Resort

Enter the ultimate escape room based on Back to the Future and Jurassic World.

Universal Orlando Resort Universal Great Movie Escape
Universal Orlando Resort

This fall, Universal Orlando Resort's CityWalk will be getting a brand new attraction.

Universal’s Great Movie Escape will allow guests the chance to enter two "next level escape rooms", one based on Back to the Future and the other Jurassic World!

With "intricately detailed sets" and stories that take you in to the heart of some of the biggest movie franchises of all time, each of the rooms will be "distinct" as you participate in "state-of-the-art missions". You'll find yourself in the the "time travel chaos" of Back to the Future or the past will come right up to the present in a dinosaur adventure of Jurassic World.


This isn't the first time that Universal Orlando Resort has debuted an escape room type of experience. At Halloween Horror Nights 26 guests could enter The Respository. A cross between an escape room and a virtual reality horror house, guests faced a series of rooms and uncovered information needed to break the curse.


As of yet Universal Orlando Resort have not given a release date for the brand new "multi sensory experience". Tickets are due to go on sale for Universal’s Great Movie Escape in the next couple of months and they are likely to sell pretty quickly.

Will you have what it takes to escape the movies?


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