Back to the Future To Get The Musical Treatment On Broadway

With stage adaptations of films such as Spamalot (Monty Python And The Holy Grail), Billy Elliott and Hairspray having done good business on Broadway and spawning hit productions around the world including London's West End, it comes as no surprise that there are a number of high profile musical versions of popular films already in the works and heading for theatres. During the past six months it was announced that The Goonies, Rocky and Carrie are among those in line for the musical treatment. Joining the list, according to Deadline, is time travel favourite Back To The Future. The film€™s director Robert Zemeckis has already made contact with writer Bob Gale and the composer Alan Silvestri with a view to turning their hit film into a Broadway musical. At this stage it is unclear whether it would follow the same storyline as the film series or if it would be a completely original story but Gale and Zemeckis€™ involvement is certainly a positive. As it is in the very early stages of development there is obviously no news on casting but I for one would find it very hard to accept anyone other than Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in the lead roles. I would also be very surprised if singer Huey Lewis is left out of the musical side of things as his songs The Power Of Love and Back In Time form a huge part of the sound of the original film. The film certainly has great potential for a musical version particularly if it takes full advantage of the 1955 setting and the birth of rock n€™ roll as well as the fact that much is made of Marty McFly€™s love of music and his guitar prowess brought to life with his rendition of Johnny Be Goode. Here€™s hoping if the film does make the leap to the Broadway stage that it is a successful one and not dogged by the bad luck that plagued the Spider-Man musical. You can look for current shows and find Off-Broadway tickets here.

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