Bad Medicine: 5 Common Medical Myths Movies Always Get Wrong

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A lot of movies and TV shows have been made about medical workers and the healthcare field in general. It's a subject riddled with opportunities for drama, mystery, wonder and heartache. It's also complex enough that screenwriters always end up getting it wrong. There's nearly an endless list of medical errors in films. We'll hear about the prolific genius who "cures cancer," but there are hundreds of cancer subtypes and they all act differently. And when filmmakers or actors leave the world of Hollywood and try to become activists for unfounded causes like the myth that vaccinations lead to autism, it's not just sloppy writing; it's downright dangerous. So on behalf of Jenny McCarthy's moronic ideology, here's 5 common myths films make about the world of medicine...

5. Heart Injections

url I love Pulp Fiction. And The Rock... well, the Rock was a movie, too. Both of these films depict their heroes, John Travolta and Nic Cage respectively, injecting life-saving medicines directly into hearts. Very dramatic. But also pointless, and dangerous. If you inject into a vein, that blood will drain right into your heart. Within seconds. Sticking a needle into your heart just risks-- obviously-- bleeding to death. The only time doctors ever stick needles into a heart is to drain fluid out if it risks compressing your ticker in a condition called cardiac tamponade; and even that's not in the heart, but just outside of it.
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