Barry Sonnenfeld To Direct DC Comics Heroes The Metal Men

The Metal Men? Before a Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel movie?

After a surprisingly decent €˜Men in Black 3€™, director Barry Sonnenfeld aims to jump into another comic book property. This time, he€™s going for DC Comics€™ obscure characters from the 60€™s, The Metal Men. In comic book lore, the Metal Men are a group of cyborgs designed out of five individual chemical elements (gold, lead, tin, mercury, iron, and platinum) by Prof. William Magnus to fight on the side of good. While their popularity isn€™t as vast as other characters like Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Flash, the Metal Men have made several on-screen appearances in the popular €˜Batman: The Brave and the Bold€™ television series as well as cameos in the DC animated movie €˜Justice League: The New Frontier€™. Speaking of characters from DC, finding out that a Metal Men movie could be happening soon while hearing nothing about, say, an Aquaman or Flash adaptation is simply baffling. Sure, they€™ve finally decided to brush the dust off those Justice League movie plans from a few years back but, seriously? The Metal Men? Before a Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel movie? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. source - vulture
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