Batman 5: Why WB Must Bring Back Tim Burton & Michael Keaton

Burton Batman It's been over half a year since Joel Schumacher dumped Batman& Robin on the world, and super hero fans are still reeling from the awfulness. So far the only good that's come out of the mess is that it was so bad that apparently WB have decided to drop plans for Schumacher's Batman Triumphant (which was rumored to have Madonna playing the role of Harley Quinn among other terrible ideas) and look at other directions for where to take the Batman franchise. With that in mind, we have some ideas that Warners could use as a blueprint to avoid another crap-fest.

5. No Bat-Nipples!


A few short years ago this is something that no one would have even imagined was necessary to tell to the people behind a Batman film. Joel Schumacher has created a world where this is no longer true. Of all the bizarre and ridiculous visual choices that he's made, this is the one that stands out beyond the others in a "what the hell was he thinking?" sort of way. For anyone beginning work on the next Batman movie the mantra behind the next Batman suit should be "Keep It Simple Stupid". For that matter, maybe there shouldn't even a 'new Batman suit'. Surely Warner Bros. still have the suits from the 1989 Batman laying around somewhere. That suit was perfect, so why not use that?
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