Batman: Every Live-Action Commissioner Gordon Ranked Worst To Best

6. Pat Hingle - Burtonverse

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Gordon (Pat Hingle) has a relatively peripheral presence in the "Burtonverse" Batman movies - beginning with Burton's Batman and ending with Batman & Robin - with his appearances basically amounting to mere extended cameos.

It's no secret that Burton had little interest in sticking faithfully to the Batman comics, and while it makes sense that Gordon and Batman's (Michael Keaton) relationship would be a little frosty in the '89 film, little time is spent developing it in the three sequels.

Pat Hingle certainly does a fine job with the material he has, but the deep relationship with Batman that has defined the character in his best versions certainly makes him feel comparatively lacking here.

This iteration of Gordon also had to suffer through the indignity of being seduced by Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman) in Batman & Robin - a terrible look that made him absolutely impossible to keep taking seriously.

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