Batman: Every Live-Action Robin Ranked From Worst To Best

6. Johnny Duncan - Dick Grayson (Batman And Robin 1949)

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This character got one step right in that they actually are Robin, but that's about all Johnny Duncan's incarnation excelled in. If your biggest highlight is simply existing unambiguously, you know there's not much there.

Batman and Robin's 15-part serial from 1949 was the second attempt to bring the character to the big screen, and it featured the Dynamic Duo battling against a villain known as The Wizard - yikes! It was cheap, corny and lifeless, making it almost impossible to sit through with a modern lens. Sadly that applies to Robin too.

As the second person to don the mantle of Dick Grayson, you've got to throw some respect over to Duncan. However, this version of the character was presented more as an eye for the audience than a useful sidekick and ended up being woefully underdeveloped.

He was severely lacking in any personality or flair. This was a version of Robin who simply stood by Batman's side and did as he was told, not capturing any of the energy or curiosity of the character. Duncan also barely spoke, and whenever he did speak, the acting was awkward and unconvincing.


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