Batman Movies Quiz: Can You Name All These Characters?

Will you be able to identify all 15 of these Batman movie characters? Let's find out!

Batman Forever Drew Barrymore Jim Carrey
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For many fans of superhero movies, Batman is their favourite character.

The Dark Knight is the ultimate detective, he's not afraid to go where the law can't, and he's laser-focussed on hunting down the sinister criminals of Gotham City and cleaning up the city that he loves.

Batman is a vigilante who does what it takes. Unlike some of the other characters in the DC Universe, the Caped Crusader is never afraid to get his hands dirty.

Over the many movies we've seen Batman in, he's faced many villains. There's been the Riddler and the Joker; two characters whose twisted minds make them unpredictable enemies for Bats to face off against. Then there's those rogues who aren't quite as maniacal, such as Ra's al Ghul and his daughter Talia who are simply on a mission to bring Gotham to its knees. In a city run by the mob, Batman often even comes up against a few political figures and those who seek power and influence.

Of course, the World's Greatest Detective has allies too. Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred and his childhood friend Rachel Dawes are there to be the voice of reason, while Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon make sure Batman has all the resources he needs to take down the bad guys of Gotham and beyond.

With a cast of wonderful characters, how many of the stars of the Batman movies can you identify? We have 15 here for you to guess. Will you get them all right? Let's find out!

1. Name The Character.


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