Batman Quiz: Which Batman Said It?

Do you know Michael Keaton's Batman from Robert Pattinson's?

Every Batman Who Said It
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Over the decades, we've met so many different versions of Batman on the big screen, and each one brought something unique to the complex character of Bruce Wayne and his Caped Crusader alter-ego.

Adam West added the 1960s fun to the character. Along with Robin, his Batman loved nothing more than to bring a bit of pure comic styling to the screen. Michael Keaton's Batman, on the other hand, showed the darker side to Bruce Wayne, complete with the classic tone of Tim Burton to bring the colourful, yet dark world of Gotham City to life.

In terms of colourful, Val Kilmer and George Clooney found themselves pitted against some of the most colourful and comic book-inspired villains in their respective Batman movies. After those outings, it took Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan to prove that Batman could exist in a world that was less cartoony. As such, Bale's Dark Knight battled villains who were more real and recognisable in our own world.

More recently, we saw Batman enter the wider DC world when he came face to face with Superman. There, Ben Affleck took on the mantle in a role that he could never say no to. Most recent of all, of course, Robert Pattinson is the latest Batman to enter the movie theatre. He has taken us to a place where once again Bruce is the ultimate detective, working outside of the law to find the Riddler.

Are you an expert on all things Batman? Let's see if you can identity which Batman said what!

1. It’s Not Who I Am Underneath, But What I Do, That Defines Me.


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