Batman Returns Easter Egg: Did The Flash Secretly Appear?!

More than 25 years and nobody noticed...

DC Comics/Warner Bros.

What if someone told you that no matter how many times you'd seen Batman Returns, you'd never noticed an Easter Egg hidden in plain sight? And not only that, but the appearance of another superhero from DC's vault...?

That's precisely the suggestion that one eagle-eyed Bat-fan has just come up with after another rewatch of Tim Burton's deliciously dark sequel. YouTuber DayToDayWithJay has pointed out that one of Bruce Wayne's masquerade party guests seems to be Jay Garrick - the original Flash known for wearing a winged helmet. Or at least the guest is dressed in honour of him.

Here's the video evidence...


Now, you could say, of course, that that is, in fact, Mercury/Hermes, the figures from mythology who wore the winged helmet that Garrick's costume paid homage to, but you should also consider the circumstances.


Firstly, the rest of the masquerade ball's attendees are mostly not wearing hats. Masks, yes, but not full head coverings for the most part. And secondly, and most importantly, the costume department will not have chosen this look randomly. There is no way they didn't know that one of Batman's Justice League comrades wore that exact helmet in his earliest days in the comics.

There's just no way it could be that big of a coincidence.


What do you think?

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