Batman & Robin: 10 Reasons It's Criminally Underrated

0 Batman and Robin is one of the most hated (and certainly the most well-known) the many superhero movies that fell flat on their faces. Joel Schumacher€™s directorial decision to film the movie as child-friendly, live-action cartoon was criticized both audiences and viewers alike, and effectively killed the Batman movie franchise for eight years until Christopher Nolan rebooted the thing and changed the game with Batman Begins. All things considered, there were some redeemable features to the movie. To say that Batman and Robin is the worst comic book movie or worst movie ever is unfair. This article will not try and convince you that Batman and Robin is a €œgood€ movie - rather it will try and help you see past the ice puns and bat-nipples and understand that Batman and Robin was an important movie and that - believe it or not - some good came of it having existed.

10. It Was A Cautionary Tale


The stylistic choices made in Batman and Robin were obviously very poor. While it was perhaps not a terrible idea to portray Batman as a sort of live-action cartoon, the execution was mis-judged. This film strived to be family friendly, but really became only child-friendly as pretty much all adults hated it. The overall dislikable nature of Batman and Robin - in some ways - killed the superhero genre for a bit. However, when superhero movies came back, they were for the most part, far better. For one thing, studios focused less on marketing the movies to children. There may still be toy tie-ins and young fans, but Batman and Robin took such things to an extreme and failed, and thus, nobody since has tried to duplicate that level of child-friendly corporate selling out. Since Batman and Robin, no mainstream superhero movie has marketed so much to children despite the fact that they are a large part of the audience. Batman and Robin taught movie writers that it is important to write for adults. Children will like superheroes regardless, but adults are the critical and important audience (and the ones with money). Batman and Robin served, then, as a massive script of what not to do when writing a superhero movie and some good has come of that.
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