Batman & Superman recast for JLA, beginning next week

112.jpgIt looks like the roles of Batman and Superman will be re-cast for the Justice League of America movie with Brandon Routh and Christian Bale NOT involved in anyway. It's also expected that this movie will be a stand alone flick, with no continuity and no ties to the current films in the DC/WB canon, so it won't effect the visions of Christopher Nolan or Bryan Singer. This is probably because Bale shot them down and Nolan was put off by the idea of this project, so Warners just said screw them, we are going to have five or six of DC's biggest characters in one movie, we don't need them. The characters who are confirmed to be in the movie are... Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, The Green Lantern and Wonder Women. The only character that might suprisingly be missing is The Green Arrow but it would seem that because of David Goyer's Super Max movie, he doesn't need to be introduced here. IESB report that the casting of these roles could start as early as next week. My guess would be you can probably think Smallville in terms of the type of actors they will hire. You know the type I mean. Fresh faced T.V. actors. The kind of people who Star Trek will be casting. It's Brandon Routh who seems to have gotten the short straw here. He has expressed his desire in the past to be in this type of movie but with Christian Bale not interested, Warners obviously ditched him so we would think this is a stand alone movie. Another thing to think about is could Tom Welling make the transition from the small screen to the big screen for this part or then would it end up being just an extended movie episode of Smallville? What about The Joker of Lex Luthor? Are they involved in this movie, who are the villians exactly? This is seriously one of the boldest moves I have ever seen a movie studio try and attempt. It's going to be real interesting to see how this develops. This has the potential of being the greatest comic book movie of all time but it of course could easily go wrong, on so many different levels. George Miller looks to have been confirmed as director with shooting starting early next year.
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