Batman V Superman: 10 Implications For Justice League

This is just the beginning.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may be one of the biggest and most ambitious movies ever made, but it's really just the beginning as far as Warner Bros' DC Extended Universe is concerned. The planned two-part Justice League saga will begin shooting in the coming weeks, with Part One slated for a November 2017 release, while Part Two will land in June 2019, and it has been Batman v Superman's primary goal to get all the intricate, moving parts in place. While some may argue that the massively-anticipated grudge match didn't hit all of its markers in terms of leaving audiences stoked to see the Justice League in action, it still set up a ton of potential for the future of the universe. And above all else, you probably already know you're going to see the movie no matter what, so why try and pretend otherwise? Here are 10 implications for Justice League we can take away from Batman v Superman, and of course, spoilers will follow...
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