Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice First Posters

The Word's Finest decide to rip it up and start again.

Late April seems to be silly season for blockbuster and tentpole promotions. We€™ve got Star Wars piled high to the ceiling, Fantastic Four knocking at the window and Batman v. Superman around every corner.

I blame the early May release date of the new Avengers film, where everybody wants to position their new trailers. Can you imagine what it€™s going to be look in early December, as we get closer to the release of The Force Awakens?

Ahead of today€™s special IMAX screenings of a slightly extended, massively expanded Batman v. Superman trailer, Warner Bros. have released these two new posters for the film. They€™re certainly the most colourful part of the promotion yet. Should be eye-catching on the walls of our local multiplexes, too.

Batman V Superman Batman Poster

Batman V Superman Superman Poster

If I were in charge of this campaign, I€™d do this design for real. I€™d layer over sheets and then tear them away as precisely as possible to get the same effect. There€™d be some wastage, but movie posters are nothing but a resource sink anyway.

Prints of these designs will be given away at the trailer screenings today, to those fans who were both lucky enough to get tickets to the IMAX event and determined enough to still show up even while the trailer, in a broadly similar edit at least, has been online all weekend.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be with us in March 2016.

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